Protect your evergreens & newly installed plant material this winter

As winter approaches it’s time to consider your evergreen trees and shrubs.  Because these plants maintain their foliage throughout the winter, they can continue to lose moisture during this time.  With this moisture loss, temperature fluctuations and frozen ground, it can be hard for evergreens to keep up with water demands.  This often leads to needles and leaves starting to turn brown and die.  This is often called “winter burn” or “desiccation” – a dehydration of the plant due to water loss from the leaves through transpiration.  Some broadleaf evergreens such as holly, rhododendrons, laurel and boxwood are even more susceptible to winter drying and long-term damage.  In addition, newly installed plant material that is still trying to establish itself is also susceptible to desiccation.

To avoid winter damage to your evergreen trees and shrubs and also your newly installed plant material, anti-desiccant applications can be made.  An anti-desiccant is a material which, when applied to the plant, adds a protective waxy cover to leaves which helps reduce moisture loss.

If you want to ensure that your newly planted trees and evergreens are protected this winter, contact us and we will determine the number of anti-desiccant applications that best suit your property.